Webb Pages: The Cherub Blade
By K. Edgar Winchester
Rating: Ages 10 and up

When preteen Elijah Webb’s mountain valley
home is besieged by a nefarious Doctor Moreau
wanna-be and his freakish minions, in search of
a secret entrance into a hidden belowground
world of magic, he and his three best friends are
swept away into an adventure of biblical
proportions. Why biblical? Because Elijah
possesses a supernatural measure of faith that
will allow him to wield the flaming-sword guardian
of the famed Garden of Eden’s
Tree of Life, that
is if he can first solve the angelic blade's riddle.

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ISBN: 978-1419681509
Wholesome non-commercial southern
literary fiction for ages 10
and up
"Great plot! Imaginative and fun!" ~
Paul Mikos, B&H Publishing Group

"A great adventure for the entire
family!" ~ Sarah H
., Creative
The fantastic adventures of a boy and his dog...and his god!
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